The 11 MUST
of #YellowThinking


As an agency we like to be

Brilliant like Sherlock
Loyal like Watson

(Elevental, my dear target)


As creatives we like to be

Fighters like Greta
Dancers like Guetta


As social media strategists we like to be

Playful like Oliver
Laid back like Benji

(If you're a Gen Z, you might not get it. It's a good one, trust us.)


As brand builders we like to be

Dreamers like Quixote
Realists like Sancho
(We've gone classic)


As brand identity creators
we like to be

Visionary like Jobs Rational like Gates


As creators of experiences we like to be

Cool like Jagger
Cool like Richards

; )


As a team we like to

work with
brands we like

Especially brands that are happy and make other people happy (no comparison to a celebrity this time, we had to stop at some point).


We like our
online actions to be

Responsive and Responsible

to the brand's values


We like


(Not the ones that lead to a dystopian future, but the ones that lead to a a better future.)


We like the

Storytelling and transmedia campaigns

(But not telling consumers tall tales. #Behonest!)